What does your company do?

Our company was specially created for the implementation of development projects in Prague and other European cities. First of all, we are focused on the acquisition of land, the purchase and reconstruction of historic buildings and investment in luxury residential real estate.

Where is the office of your company?

We are located at Office 681-684 Salisbury House, Finsbury Circus, Moorgate, London. Business hours from 8:00 am to 17:30 pm. For clients who prefer a private and discrete atmosphere.

What form of cooperation do you offer to investors?

We mainly offer investors the opportunity to purchase corporate bonds of our company with an interest rate of 9.2% per annum and 7% per annum before taxes.

How do you use attracted finance?

We use the resources to purchase land and real estate.

Do you inform the client about how you manage finances?

Yes, unlike other companies, every quarter we send investors information about existing and planned acquisitions, including email newsletters.

What acquisitions are you planning?

We will be happy to provide you with all the information about the planned acquisitions and their development in person, the information is not publicly available, since it is part of our long-term investment plan.

What if I’ll buy bonds and your company will stop working?

We always diversify investment capital in order to invest in commercial and rental real estate, historical buildings and land. We always keep a careful eye on the location and often invest in projects with a legal flaw, such as insolvency. That is why our investments are resistant to market volatility, and this does not affect any price fluctuations in the capital of investors. We always diversify investment capital in order to invest in commercial real estate, which we can rent, and the other part - in historical real estate and land. We always monitor the careful choice of location and often invest in projects with a legal disadvantage and high investment potential. That is why our investments are resistant to negative market fluctuations.

Why did you contact me and my company?

We carefully select our investors. We are looking for new companies that have a stable position in the market, a traceable history and for which our offer may be interesting. Our credo is an individual approach to each client.

Why buy bonds of your company?

Our company is transparent and open, bonds are approved by the Czech National Bank, including the prospectus, and the investor can at any time get information about where his funds are being invested. A member of the Board of Directors is Mr. Ondrej Spodniak, co-founder of the investment group REMDOX Capital Group, which in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the UK manages investment capital in excess of 1 billion Czech crowns.

What are the benefits of working with EIP?

By investing in key projects, we always give preference to our long-term investors. When selling residential real estate, we give our partners the opportunity, for example, to buy or rent property at a reduced price.