Interest-bearing corporate bond

  • Be part of the success of real estate investments and development projects
  • Fixed annual rate of 8.5% for two years
  • Guaranteed quarterly interest payment, continuous information
  • Transparent, easily accessible and understandable information about our project
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"We have been working with Europa Investment Property for two years. Not only for me, but for the company, a personal meeting is important. We review the portfolio and the completed and future projects quarterly."
N. David
"We are in constant contact. I had the opportunity to visit the Na Doubkové 2 project, which convinced me that I had made the right decision when buying the bonds of Europa Investment Property."
K. Maria
"This is not my first Bond. I am satisfied with their service, especially in meeting their obligations, introducing new corporate products, providing information. I can always count on them."
S. Martin

Why buy an EIP bond?

0 %

Projects will be implemented within 3 years

0 %

Minimum annual return on investment

0 %

Investment is carried out at the expense of our own funds

0 %

Our profit donated to those in need

Regulated by CNB

The possibility of early redemption of bonds at the request of the owners

8.5% annual rate

Fixed interest rate, exceeding the market average, regular semi-annual payments

Low exchange rate risk

The bonds are issued in multi currencies

Europa Investment Property

Ondrej Spodniak

LL.M. Managing Partner

Founder and majority shareholder of Premiot Group. As a member of the board of directors and the supervisory board, he oversees the strategic development of all portfolio companies, including Europa Investment Property. He is responsible for implementing strategies and managing key projects in the financial services and corporate investment segments, mainly in real estate.

Filip Navrátil

Head of Sales

Sales Director of the company. He manages and is responsible for financial relations with key business partners. In addition to day-to-day portfolio management, he is also responsible for the implementation of corporate bonds and strategic sales management. In the past, he successfully managed financial projects.

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